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Fabric Travels: Charleston Edition 

I’m from Charleston, South Carolina. More specifically, I grew up on James Island. My parents moved away when I was in college but my in laws still live on James Island and I go back to visit a lot. In other news, my best friend is getting married in Charleston in November, so I’ve been […]

Colette Negroni by Handmade Closet

Plaid Colette Negroni for Ed

It’s no longer a Work-In-Progress.  It’s a finished product.  And it was a long time coming. I mentioned in my WIP post that I had cut out the fabric a year ago.  A YEAR, PEOPLE!!! That is just lazy. Well I’m happy I finished it and I think I’ll work on some easier projects now. […]

J Crew Inspired Dress by Handmade Closet

J. Crew Inspired Dress for Girls

The moment I saw this pin, I knew I had to have that dress for M. She, of course, didn’t feel the same way. We have differing opinions about her style.  She’s getting to the age were she can decide what she wants to wear and it’s been hard on both of us. I’m trying […]

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How the Handmade Closet Tutorials will work

My personal goal for this blog for right now is to have one tutorial a month.  While I discussed my love for sewing patterns and even though I have so many of them, I frequently find myself going off pattern and I would love to share of my ideas and methods with you. This post […]

Seamwork Seneca- Handmade Closet Blog

Seamwork Magazine and a Skirt for Me!

Have you heard of Seamwork Magazine? I’m a little obsessed. I found it during the end of my pregnancy with baby number 2. It was during that time when I was too big to move comfortably and I spent more time than I’m willing to admit looking online (specifically at patterns, dreaming of my old […]

Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic by Ginger House Designs

Liesl + Co Late Lunch Tunic

As a stay at home mom, comfortable outfits are key. And right now, being able to breastfeed is also an important factor in what I put on my body. If I can’t easily nurse in an outfit, I’m likely to end up back in yoga pants and a nursing tank by the end of the […]

Marbella Dress by Handmade Closet

In My Closet: Marbella Dress

This is an old project but also one that gets a lot of wear so it’s worth mentioning here. I got to test the Marbella Pattern by Itch-To-Stitch a long time ago (like 2 years ago I think) and I really loved the process. In general, I’m not a fan of testing patterns. The process […]

Colette Negroni by Handmade Closet

An Old Colette Negroni

As I mentioned my Work In Progress post, I have sewn the Colette Negroni pattern before. And even though it’s an old project, I felt like it was worth mentioning because it is an important part of Ed’s wardrobe. He wears it regularly (proud sewist moment). I sewed it up in a neutral chambray fabric […]

Handmade Closet Blog- Colette Negroni

Work-In-Progess Wednesday: Colette Negroni

This fabric was purchased and cut last summer and then sat in its bag for a year. All the while Ed harassed me to finish it. Sorry, dear. Well now it’s coming along. So here we go, Edward. This series I’m doing is called Work-In-Progress Wednesday. It won’t be every Wednesday but doing this will […]